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about the neighbourhood

We have had the pleasure in serving Parkville for many years, we love to take the dogs for a walk in the many Parks on offer around this thriving suburb, which is known for its beautiful historic homes and open spaces (or should we say parks, parks and more parks) is also home to the esteemed Melbourne University. Parkville is a utopia for students and growing families (with the Royal Melbourne Zoo and Royal Park right at your doorstep). Enjoy one of the monthly High tea at the Zoo with family or friends see more Website:–at-melbourne-zoo The zoo offers many special deals for the whole family, with most weekends being free for kids

The demographics of Parkville currently boast

45.9% Couples, Singles and Homesharers under 35 years old

13.4% Families, Couples, Extended Families and Single Parents aged 35-44

9.3% Singles and Homesharers aged 55-64

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