Switching It Up!

Switching It Up!

Are you across the switchboard compliancy requirements impacting Victorian rental properties in relation to the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021? Whether you reside in your home or lease to a renter, it’s one of the most important requirements ensuring the safety of your property. And with potential upgrades needing to be completed on and from the 29th of March 2023, this latest Think Property & Co blog unpacks everything you need to know.

What is a switchboard?

Often referred to as the ‘heart’ or ‘brain’ – or fuse board! – of a home electrical system, a switchboard distributes mains power to the various outlets of a property. Usually found at the front of a home, it contains the relevant safety switches, circuit breakers and fuses. This allows electrical appliances to work, as well powering up the other circuits and outlets connected to your property.

Why does it need to be upgraded?

As we continue to upgrade our space with fancy new coffee machines, televisions, dishwashers and smart lighting systems – just to name a few! – our switchboards also need regular attention to ensure they are meeting the demands of modern electricity usage. If you own an investment property, you’ll also enjoy peace of mind that your space is safe for all occupants, and you’re meeting your rental obligations as a rental provider.

How do I know my switchboard is compliant?

Engaging a licenced or registered electrician is the most efficient way to check the health and capacity of your switchboard. Your property manager will also be able to refer a trusted electrician should you need this! In some cases a switchboard may need to be entirely replaced, while most circumstances only require a partial update to meet rental provider obligations.

The property management team at TP&Co take the stress and headache out of managing a rental home. Our rental providers are proud to lease homes that offer a comfortable, compliant and safe environment for renters – and they’re loving it! Enjoy long-term rental relationships and minimal vacancy windows by reaching out to our property management team today!

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