At Think Property & Co. we are seasoned professionals, providing a bespoke Property Management and Sales service for our clients. As industry leaders in Property Management, with more than 30 plus years’ experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of the areas we serve in the Melbourne market.

We are a family owned and run business and our vision is to be the Property Management agency of choice. We seek to make a difference by turning positive customer experiences into longstanding relationships. For us, it’s about being exceptional at what we do in the eyes of our clients, by providing them with an invaluable service.

The sole aim of our business is to maximise the value of our client’s investments whilst delivering an outstanding experience.


Martine Bannister

Martine Bannister

Martine is well-known for embracing change. Forward-thinking, innovative attitude means Martine is renowned for her honesty, down to earth, ethical approach. Prior to founding Think Property & Co., Martine was a partner in a successful real estate company where she led a team of more than 15 property managers, servicing three offices and overseeing more than 2000 properties.

She brings with her a wealth of experience, contacts and a spotless track record; Martine is the absolute best in the business with the knowledge and brains to back it up.

Randal Sharp

Randal Sharp

Randal Sharp is the driving force behind Think Property & Co., a true entrepreneur setting the benchmark for outstanding customer delivery. His relentless work ethic and long term relationships with investors and tenants alike has seen him develop a strong loyal following for more than 22 years. The key to his success is in his property management expertise and selling skills in an ever changing, dynamic industry. With an unwavering focus and commitment, Randal assists in ensuring his client’s needs are centric to how the business operates.

What Our Clients Think


We serve our clients with integrity, credibility and professionalism; and are renowned for our down-to-earth approach and honesty. We challenge the norm and do things differently by providing a bespoke service with the sole aim of maximising the value of our client’s investments and experience.

We are hiring and would love to hear from like minded people who want to be a part of something very different.