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From Tenant to Homeowner: Emma’s Story

Being a tenant is great. If something breaks down, the cost and responsibility lies with your landlord. You’re not tied down, and you can move somewhere bigger/smaller/cheaper/plusher in line with your income and lifestyle – it’s ideal! The only downside is: you’re living in someone else’s property. You’re paying down their mortgage, and ultimately, the […]

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How NOT To Fail At EOFY – A Landlord’s Guide

Tax time can be stressful for everyone. Deadlines, expenses, boxes of receipts and a sense of gnawing uncertainty cast over each deduction you hope to make. Imposing and unknowable, landlords often view the tax office as a scary beast – but really, it’s not so bad. With the right support, resources and understanding, tax time can be […]

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Selling With a Tenant in Place

If you’re a landlord and you’re considering selling your investment property, there’s an important choice you’ll need to make. You can take steps to move your tenant on as your lease dictates, listing the property once it’s vacant – or you can undertake the sales process with the tenants in place. As with any major decision […]

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