Financial goals

Think financial gearing for your Property Investment The biggest trap landlords fall into is not gearing themselves correctly to maximize their potential return. When first considering your options to put your property on the market for rent, either as a new purchase of investment property or changes in circumstances eg downsizing. It is vital to create a financial plan and property goal plan. This should include all possible renovations, maintenance, insurances, vacancy periods and costs for the upkeep of the property and a contingency amount, this should also include the expected potential income return and depreciation schedule. These plans can be set up with assistance of your accountant and Property Manager. To assist your yearly tax time and to ensure you have covered yourself appropriately and provided funds to satisfactorily complete all renovation items on your plan. If you’re keen to discuss your property needs, sick of bad property management do give us a call! Martine, Randal & The team at Think Property & Co 18 Little Oxford Street, Collingwood, Australia, 3066 +61 3 8320 6399 /

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