Finding the best resolution for landlords and tenants

Finding the best resolution for landlords and tenants

Dealing with disputes, unfortunately from time to time disputes can arise between tenants and landlords, we work with our landlords and Tenants to assist them to quickly as possible resolve issues, after all everyone shares the same goal- to keep the property at its best and ensure a happy tenancy and living situation with as little disruption as possible.

We work to ensure landlords have all the appropriate protections and paperwork and the tenants are aware of all their obligations and requirements, we are generally able to handle any minor problems that may crop up and provide a quick remedy to any disagreements to prevent any potential fallout.

We urge our tenants to read all their obligations in the handbook as the vast majority of disputes are simply confusion on the tenant’s part about just what is expected, especially when it comes to the issues of maintenance, repairs, deposits, and rent.

We also provide a short video which outlines all the steps involved and provide each tenant with a hardcopy rental guide and links to the online guide and tenants union Victoria.

We work to ensure the property is kept at its best, by conducting a thorough condition report and regular routine inspections. These provide an indication of when the tenures are potentially concluding, so we can manage the notice period to reduce vacancy rates and ensure the best fit tenant.

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