Fix all repairs before you begin the sales process

Repairs left undone will cost you more money than the repair itself – Repairs that you’ve been meaning to do will be a lot less expensive to complete if you do them before you sell your home.  If the repair is evident to a Buyer, they are going to use this as a bargaining tool. Also, it throws a level of doubt into the situation and buyers can begin to wonder what else is in need of repair, what may be lurking beneath the surface? They can get a bit frightened and can ask for a reduction, just in case something else pops up. Be prepared to ensure you are not blindsided with an unknown major repair.  If you have any major repairs get onto these ahead of time, so as not to give a Buyer a reason to want a discount.  The inspection period is key for negotiation and so make sure you hire the right agent for the job – who is has effective negotiation skills.

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