Keeping warm without blowing the bills? tips and few green energy suppliers to have a closer look at!

Keeping warm without blowing the bills? tips and few green energy suppliers to have a closer look at!

WINTER IS HERE!!!!! Yes its that time already welcome, time to swap the wardrobe around and rug up to keep warm. So to help you keep healthy, toasty and warm whilst not blowing your budget we have researched a few good options to help guide you.

– Yes just like jack here put on extra layers, get a good jumper or hoodie on and thick socks around the house always helps to keep you warmer 🙂

–  Get some door snakes! always a great option to reduce drafts and they really seem to be back in vogue – with plenty of funky colours to choose from- check out your local Kmart retailer—black/820845?cm_vc=PDPZ1

– Set your timer and thermostat to when you really need the heating- morning and when returning from work, the trick is not to forget to switch it off before you go to sleep.

– Look at easy to instal curtains, ensure your landlord is happy with the addition, they won’t break the bank and can look great! Eyelet curtains are generally the best options and your local spotlight generally has a great range

Energy suppliers- what a midfield! We all know Victoria has the largest profit margins for the retailers of electricity companies (over three times higher than in New South Wales, Queensland or South Australia? ) but did you also know Victoria has the dirtiest coal-fired power plants in Australia?

Here are a couple of greener alternatives to have a closer look at;

– Powershop, Australia’s greenest energy retailer, they have a great calculator to help you keep track of your bills

– Powershop, Australia’s greenest energy retailer, offering 100 percent carbon neutral electricity that works to safeguard our climate and generally costs less than the rest.

–  Momentum Energy is owned by Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy. They are passionate about renewable energy and buying our SmilePower product, you’re helping to support their renewable energy parent company.

Plus until June 30th 2016 they have a $100 credit to switch over

If you have any tips you would like to share, we would love to hear about them!

Cheers Randal, Martine and the team at Think Property & Co


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