Wrapping Up 2021 with TP&Co

Wrapping Up 2021 with TP&Co

2021 saw many challenges and opportunities for the real estate industry, prompting us to think on our feet and revolutionise the rental process to reflect changing lifestyles and attitudes. For Think Property & Co’s final blog of 2021, Martine and Randal reflect on the whirlwind that was 2021, and share their hopes for the new year. Read on!

What were your biggest challenges in 2021?

We definitely missed face-to-face meetings with our clients. Spending time with our community and discussing property goals over a cup of coffee has always been a cornerstone of TP&Co’s customer service. While lockdowns and restrictions were certainly out of our control, it was challenging not being able to provide the personalised property service that clients know and love.

Issues such as maintenance were also accrued as a direct result of several lockdowns. We also had to implement over 132 new tenancy changes in March, after spending time to educate ourselves and our clients on the new minimum standards, disclosures and safety checks that applied to rental properties.

We also helped clients navigate the stresses of COVID-19, such as applying for rent relief in cases where people were financially impacted because of the pandemic. We are so grateful to be well supported by our clients, who remained compassionate and understanding of others during this trying time.

And best achievements?

The whole team could instantaneously switch to a remote working mindset. We are well-equipped with cloud-based and paperless systems that allowed us to continue actively leasing properties over Zoom or FaceTime – dog disruptions and questionable video skills aside!

What expectations do you have for renting in 2022?

Times are changing, and we will be following our clients’ lead when it comes to inspections! We find people are enjoying our remote walkthroughs so we will be continuing them to allow flexibility and ease in our renting processes. We also offer plenty of private in-person inspections, scheduling them throughout the week so prospective renters can spend the weekends with their loved ones.

Any exciting plans for the Christmas holiday?

Randal and I will be taking the dogs to country Victoria for some downtime with family members we’ve yet to see for many months. We’ll still be working remotely to respond to urgent maintenance matters and host some virtual inspections over the Christmas break.

Before we go, we’d like to wish our clients and wider community a wonderful Christmas break! We sincerely thank you for your ongoing support in 2021, and can’t wait to see you again in the new year. Stay safe, stay cheerful, and happy holidays!

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