Well maintained homes sell for more money & rent well

Yes its true well-maintained homes sell for more money and rent well.

A well-maintained home provides a sense of well-being to any prospective Buyer, as they can imagine that their new home (having been well cared for) will likely continue to be enjoyable and easy to upkeep. Furthermore buyers and renters alike will feel that their new home won’t provide them with too many worries down the road.  

Roadblocks and Red flags are virtually non-existent with a well-maintained home, compared to a home that appears to not have been maintained.  This peace of mind comes with a price tag that results in the Buyer’s willingness to pay more for a well-maintained home. Along with being able to achieve a higher than average and consistent rental return. 

Additionally when homes and appliances are kept in good working order they generally reduce power costs and lower carbon footprint, providing a deeper good news story for prospective buyer/tenant.

The proof and results are in, it’s imperative to keep on top of little repairs, manage a budget for yearly maintenance, keep a log of every major purchased appliance and regularly ensure they are in great working order. If you are leasing your property all of this is standard practice with the team at Think Property & Co (as with all good Real Estate Agents) they keep up to date and you informed through proactively managing your property for you. #thinkpropertyco

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