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Reducing cost through 5-Star energy appliances.

As the weather changes from warm to cold, we are looking at how to best use our appliances that don’t impact our energy costs. Heating and cooling, accounts for an average of 40 per cent of household energy use in Australia. Note this proportion varies, as the amount of time heating or cooling is required varies according to local climate as well as other factors such as insulation levels and personal thermal comfort expectations.

Selecting the right heating and cooling system can have a big impact on household energy costs. There are a number of choices available to provide heating and/or cooling services to your home.

Residential Baseline Energy Study- Australia:New Zealand (draft report). Energy Consult July 2015

The above graph shows the breakdown of household energy usage in Australia in 2014.( Residential Baseline Energy Study: Australia/New Zealand (draft report). Energy Consult July 2015)

As technology improves, your old trusty go-to appliance may well be using more energy and not be as efficient as newer products – so it may pay to invest in the new.

As the Residential Baseline Energy Study revealed that the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) have had a large impact on the efficiency and innovation of the air conditioner market.

The least efficient air conditioner (less than 4kW) today is more efficient than the most efficient air conditioner on the market in 2001.

For more information on this topic go to the energy rating website, here you will find a handy calculator to use along with helpful section on energy efficient products.


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