Tips for how to best prepare your home for sale.

Smelly homes sell for less money. Nothing is more off-putting than a smelly home, caused by pets, smoking or even cooking. Sure we love our pets, but they can leave behind those unpleasant odours.  If you’re a smoker, you need to plan well in advance and smoke your cigarettes outside to freshen up your home’s interior before sale. Before every Open For Inspection, it is imperative to air out your home. Fully open the windows and doors to allow a flow of air to refresh your property.  Perhaps you enjoy foods with pungent spices. These favorite dishes that you cook should ideally be put on hold until after you sell your home and relocate.  A thorough cleaning of your home: objects such as cushion fabrics, rugs and carpets, will go a long way in removing pet, smoking and food odours.  If you have carpeting where pets have had accidents, replacing carpeting would be advisable. If your budget doesn’t stretch to installing new carpet, endeavour to have your carpets and rugs steam cleaned.

Beautiful flowers not only brighten up the room, they can also add a pleasant scent along with good quality scented candles can add a lovely fragrance to your property at Open for Inspections. Vanilla is a popular scent as are floral scents. Be subtle with these as they can be overwhelming and off-putting if overused. Vaporisers or oil burners are another fabulous way to add a lovely scent the house. To avoid tea candle wax mess and fire safety issues, vaporizers that plug into mains power can be used. It is imperative to use essential oils in your oil burners as they are the best quality. Lavender is the mother of all essential oils – it appeals to most people and is easily procured for a reasonable price eg. 50ml Lavender is approximately $20 from your local supermarket.  Avoid Patchouli and other pungent scents. Indeed, cooking smells can enhance the ambience of a property at Open For Inspection times. You may wish to imbue a scent of coffee, made from a percolator or perhaps freshly baked cake or bread. Don’t overdo it, you will only need to use one of the above methods. For instance, combining an essential oil with fresh cooking smells will be in too much competition with each other.


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