Parkville’s new train station

Parkville’s new train station

We are very excited to see the new train station at Parkville which was revealed yesterday by the Premier Mr Andrews via twitter. This is the glossy image of the new Parkville metro station, which highlights the new platform design which come with screen doors separating commuters from trains. This new design will featured on each of the five new stations to be built as part of the Metro project. A trend adopted from similar systems readily in use  in London, Tokyo, Korea and Dubai among other places around the world.

The system is a wall of plastic wich is used to separates commuters from the train, the screen only opening when the train arrives. Designed to function as climate control, blocking the wind that trains tend to push around the City Loop and protect people and commuters against accidental falls, suicides and or from jumping on the tracks. Mr Andrews also told reporters yesterday at the press conference that the state government is now calling for expressions of interest for high-capacity signalling on the Melbourne Metro Rail project, allowing for 30 trains an hour.  To read more:–and-theres-something-not-quite-right-about-it-20160511-got1k9.html#ixzz48WEl82nb

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