Sundays in South Melbourne

Sundays in South Melbourne

Sundays in South Melbourne is our favourite day of the week!

Well, you just can’t go past starting the day without a trip to the South Melbourne Market,  where you can grab all your fresh produce, then head to St Ali for coffee and or bruch at Chez Dre where you will always bump into a friend or two!

Head up Clarendon for some a wide variety of specialty shops through to charity and recycled shops for an interesting bargain or three! Then you could head off for a bike ride or walk around the lake, bay which is just so close.or get ready for a long lunch at some of our favorite hotels;

Then desert at Bibelot

The Sunday session really kicks in, so after long lunch you could head back to South Melbourne market, which offers a huge variety of things to see as well as shop such as their Sunday sessions, head to the markets link to find out who’s playing ;

Or across the road is the George where thy have an afternoon session that’ll finish early! Here you’ll find plenty of people enjoying a bevi in the afternoon sun and once you’ve had one you’ll probably end up staying a while! With a Happy Hour from 3-6PM and live music as well it’s the perfect spot to settle in for a few drinks and afternoon snack whilst taking in all the atmosphere of South Melbourne. Follow this link to find out what’s on at The George;

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