4 Reasons Why Unofficial Subleasing is a Big Mistake

4 Reasons Why Unofficial Subleasing is a Big Mistake

A mate from work says his old pal has an off-contract room going in their share house in Fitzroy. It’s a great location, close to work, and you don’t have to worry about a bond, signing a contract or applying to the agency – sounds great, doesn’t it? No, not really. In today’s blog, Think Property & Co explain why subleasing is a big mistake.

You Could Be Getting Duped

If you’re ever offered a sublease, do your research into market rental value. Some shady tenants hook in an unapproved subtenant to pick up the bill for most of their rent, meaning they’re almost leasing for free. Always ask to view a copy of the current tenancy agreement and keep a copy of any documents you’ve signed for your records.

It’s Often in Breach of your Rental Agreement

You should always seek landlord permission before making any tenant changes. Failure to do so could mean you’re in breach of your rental agreement – which could affect the success of future rental applications.

You’ll Have No Contract in an Emergency

Recently, a Melbourne tenant found themselves at the police station seeking help to get back into their apartment. The tenant had been locked out after a dispute with  their co-tenants, but they were not listed on the lease. This lack of contractual backup meant the police could not assist in regaining access to the property. Don’t leave yourself locked out in the cold!

There’s No Responsibility for Damages

If you’re thinking about illegally subleasing a room in your sharehouse, you as the approved tenants will pick up the slack for any damages caused by the unlisted tenant.  Be smart and always go through your property manager and landlord to make everything official – it’s really not worth the risk.

If you’re unsure of what to do in a subleasing situation, contact Think Property & Co for support. If you’re a landlord who’s had a bad experience with illegal subleasing, we may be able help ensure it doesn’t happen again. Think Property & Co’s diligent approach to tenant sourcing and periodic inspections means we do our best to be on top of when tenancy issues occur.

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