Introducing Bricks+Agent

Introducing Bricks+Agent

Think Property & Co are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to transform our real estate services. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce a new addition to our technological repertoire – Bricks+Agent – which will streamline maintenance communications between our property management team and clients. How will this impact your current experience? This latest blog will unpack everything you need to know.

Bricks+Agent is an omni channel maintenance request software that allows renters and rental providers to post repairs or maintenance jobs via phone call, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or even the mobile app. Whichever works best! Clients can provide a detailed report directly to the service provider, and have any issues tended to in a speedy and efficient manner. We are still working with our trusted network of reputable tradespeople and suppliers, so owners can rest assured knowing both routine and emergency maintenance are conducted to the highest standard with minimal disruption to tenancies.

We unpack the main details you need to know below:

For rental providers

Think Property & Co continue to ensure the highest standard of care is provided for all properties.

As a rental provider, you’ll have the ability to review maintenance tasks, including quotes, notes, comments, photos and videos. You can also approve, decline or discuss works with the property management team or service provider. The platform promotes complete transparency, allowing you to view everything on a simple and streamlined timeline.

This streamlined service also means you’re able to utilise TP&Co’s trusted network of qualified suppliers for your own maintenance needs.

For renters

TP&Co are delighted to be able to simplify the rental process, providing both easy access and peace of mind.

Maintenance requests can be logged under a minute, connecting you to an approved supplier quickly and efficiently. This easy communication means you can select a time that suits you, and enjoy notifications with GPS tracking so you’re aware when your tradesperson arrives. You can also provide feedback and discuss any queries with your property manager as well.

Don’t feel like cleaning the apartment this weekend? You can also use the Bricks+Agent app to find a local service to carry out the work for you!


Bricks+Agent is free for our clients to use, and we will be contacting you shortly with the relevant details for setting up your account. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact Think Property & Co (phone, email, over a coffee… you decide!) with any questions or concerns. We’d be delighted to help you get started and modernise your property experience!

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