Getting Garden Ready!

Getting Garden Ready!

Got gardening on your mind? Well, why shouldn’t you? Spring is only a month away, and there are already so many gorgeous sunny days on the forecast! If you’re planning to sell or lease within the next few months, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your garden and outdoor areas. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or just starting out, this Think Property & Co blog lists the top tips on getting garden-ready.

We all know Spring is the best season showcase your property’s natural light and outdoor areas. And as the weather begins ‘springing’ to life, so does buyer and renter sentiment! With more competition than ever, your home will need to look its best to stand out.

No need to wait!

Winter hasn’t fully wrapped up yet, but if you’ve got some sunny days to spare why not begin preparing your backyard? Our first tip is: less is more! While some people love spending their weekends outside, others may view keeping the garden in shape as a chore. By having your outdoor space already spruced up, it will look beautiful as well as low maintenance. This may mean opting for striking but simple plants and sticking with a simpler design that still flows. You want to impress your buyers and renters while also highlighting the open space available.

That functional feeling.

The exterior of a home will factor into its price. By offering a functional and lively space, you’ll increase your home’s value and your buyer or renter will feel like they’re getting their money’s worth! We suggest opting for natural and modern tones and textures. Adding a weather-proof couch or dining set will also enhance your garden’s usability, as well as suitable covers when it does rain. Features that promote privacy such as fences or screens also add great value.

Don’t forget curb appeal.

How strong is your street game? This is what your potential buyers and renters will see when they arrive for their inspection. Take the time to mow the lawn and trim the hedges, as well as ensure all fences and gates open smoothly. Cut back any bushes to leave a spacious pathway to your front door. Greet your guests with colourful potted plants, and perhaps some neutral garden decorations to add some flair!

Selling or leasing in Melbourne’s property market? The seasoned experts at Think Property & Co have got their finger on the pulse, and are ready to ensure your home receives the best possible value. Start a conversation today!

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