Routine Inspections with TP&Co

Routine Inspections with TP&Co

When you rent a home with ThinkProperty&Co, your Property Manager is required to conduct a periodic routine inspection, ensuring any maintenance issues are addressed and the property is being taken care of as agreed upon. In this month’s TP&Co blog, we outline the process of our routine inspections and provide a checklist to ensure you are prepared.

Here at ThinkProperty&Co, we conduct routine inspections twice a year. Prior to doing so, we send a thorough email to the lease holder outlining all details, including the date and time a property manager and/or property inspector will arrive – ensuring you have the necessary time to prepare. Additionally, you will receive a courtesy SMS reminder prior to the day the inspection is taking place. We meticulously group the inspections into suburb order and visit approximately 8 properties per day, twice a week. On average, ThinkProperty&Co carries out 550 – 600 inspections per year.

Our team will take photographs of any required maintenance and document the general condition of the property. We will then send an electronic link to the inspection. We will also ask the tenants about their intentions in relation to renewing the lease, and any maintenance requests or other relevant queries during the inspection.

Preparing for your routine inspection with ThinkProperty&Co:

Your Property Manager will always give you a minimum of one week’s notice prior to conducting a routine inspection. Here are some of our top tips to help you best prepare for an inspection with TP&Co.

  1. Ensure all areas of your property (indoors and outdoors) are in a clean and tidy condition. If extensive cleaning is required, we recommend dividing these tasks throughout the week to avoid a frantic ‘night before’ or ‘morning of’ clean-up.
  2. Check for any damages made to the property. This includes damaged flooring, carpet, door handles and locks.
  3. Make note of any required maintenance or repairs since your last inspection. If necessary, you can contact your property manager to obtain a maintenance request form or simply email us.
  4. Make necessary arrangements for your pets. If you’re a pet owner, it may be worth arranging for your furry friends to visit a family or friend’s home for the day – particularly if they are prone to displaying distress in unfamiliar circumstances or with new individuals.
  5. If you have changed your contact details (phone number, email address) in the past few months, please ensure your property manager has the updated information. This will safeguard smooth communication for all parties involved, allowing your property manager to easily contact you should any problems occur prior to, during and after the inspection.


If you have any more questions about an upcoming routine inspection with ThinkProperty&Co, or would like to enquire about a rental property with us – get in contact with our friendly team of property experts today!

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