New Year, New Agent

New Year, New Agent


As a landlord, it’s easy to become the victim of bad property management. To avoid losing managements, less-than-sterling property management businesses will play upon the common leasing misconceptions to coerce landlords into staying put.

They might suggest that you must wait until the end of an existing lease to move your management to another agency – we’ve even heard of some estate agencies who request a ‘transfer fee’ of landlords to jump ship! Pish posh. In today’s blog, Think Property & Co are here to inform landlords that switching their property management to a new agent is simple. After all – it’s your right to have your investment protected by committed professionals who care about you and your property.

It’s doesn’t cost anything to switch agents

Applying a landlord’s transfer fee to a lease is like a garage making you pay to get your car serviced elsewhere! If you noticed that your mechanic was charging you too much, providing you with substandard customer service or doing a poor job of servicing your car, you’d be inclined to take your business elsewhere. It’s the same with your investment property! It costs nothing to transfer to an agency that will better service your needs.

Never talk to your previous agency again… ever

Worried that your previous agent is going to try and talk you out of switching, or worse – guilt-trip you? You needn’t be. Once you’ve authorised us to do so, Think Property & Co will arrange for the transfer on your behalf. Going forward, we’ll keep you informed on the status of your investment property, and your old agency can continue resting on their laurels.

You don’t have to wait until the current lease expires

If your property manager has informed you that you need to wait until your current lease expires to transfer to another agency, they may have misled you in order to retain your custom (unfortunately, it happens).  A lease is a contract between the tenant and the landlord, not a contract between the landlord and the agency.  Book in a chat with a friendly property manager from Think Property & Co to find out exactly how a management transfer will work in relation to your current situation – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Your tenants will love getting the Think Property & Co treatment

We value keeping our tenants in the loop, and ensure that they have all the information they need about the process of renting with Think Property & Co. Taking the time to build a personal rapport with tenants is important – it keeps communication channels open and allows us to work with them, making the process better for everyone.

It’s a new year, and the perfect time to say ‘no’ to bad property management and ‘yes’ to quality, bespoke service! With extensive experience in real estate and an honest, professional approach to client services, Martine and Randal of Think Property & Co can put the joy back in being a landlord.


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