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Here Comes the Sun: Think Property’s Guide to Preparing Your Property for Spring

Here Comes the Sun: Think Property’s Guide to Preparing Your Property for Spring

With less than a month to go until spring, we’re starting to get excited for longer days and warmer weather here at Think Property & Co HQ.

Winter is a time for hibernation, staying in and enjoying home comforts, but there comes a time when we must crawl out of our cosy snugs and prepare for sunnier, longer days. In August’s blog, we’ve compiled a handy guide for tenants, homeowners and landlords on the best way prepare their property for warmer weather – from making space for garden entertaining to managing those irritating maintenance issues.

For tenants + homeowners

Tenants and owner occupiers, the lead up to spring is all about getting your home ready for summertime fun. You’ve likely built up quite an archive of winter clutter, and now is the time to start making tracks on binning it. Jump onto your local council’s website and find out when your next hard rubbish collection is due, and where you can find the local recycling centre. Once you know where to dispose of your unwanted items, you’ll be all the more motivated to get started.

If you’ve got a garden or deck, it might be looking a little sad after months of chilly, wet weather. Give your garden some love ready for the barbecue season, and get your mates ’round to help with the weeding. Sharing the work in exchange for a few beers and snags will certainly lighten the load!

If you’ve let the cold weather get the better of your domestic cleaning routine, clearing your weekend schedule for a deep spring clean will soon rectify things. These spring cleaning tips will have have everything sparkling in no time. Work together with your family or housemates to make it a fun experience, too, and maybe reward yourselves with an Uber Eats delivery on Sunday evening when you’re finished!

For landlords

The pre-summer season is your chance to get on top of maintenance issues in your properties. Installing air conditioning units if you haven’t already will enhance your tenants’ experience and potentially add rental value when it comes to re-leasing. Additionally, the regular maintenance of existing devices will keep you on top of safety requirements.

If there is painting or maintenance jobs to be done inside the house, speak to your tenants or property manager about arranging a time that’s convenient for everyone involved to get them sorted. Your tenants may be taking winter holidays or travelling overseas, so coordinating your works with their absence is a considerate way of minimising disruption to their quiet enjoyment.

The spring/summer period is a popular one in the world of leasing – so if you’ve got a fixed term lease coming to an end, speak with your property manager about rental increases or steps you can take to make your property more attractive to new tenants. They’ll review the market and current demand for your asset to make sure you’re getting the best return from your investment.

If the spring season spells a time for change when it comes to your property portfolio, make the switch to Think Property & Co and let us take care of your investment. We’ll work with you to ensure your property is safety compliant, and we’ll source tenants that will look after your property as it deserves. That’s why we’re #BetterForEveryone.

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